Food, Family and Love!

When I first met Dave (my husband) I was invited to “Sunday Dinner” at his parent’s home in Warwick, NY.  After a warm welcome at the front door, we ventured to the kitchen where my future mother-in-law, Betty Cappelleri, carefully prepared all the ingredients for dinner.  The captivating aroma of fresh herbs, garlic, and onion filled the air.  As she chopped and prepped, we sipped wine while music played softly in the background.  This wasn’t just dinner, nor was it just cooking. This was a culinary experience of food, family, and love!  Once dinner was prepared it was time to “Mangia”!  First, pasta and sauce, next meatballs and salad, then fruit!  Let’s not forget the freshly grated parmesan, olives, and bread!

Betty and Taylor Cappelleri continuing the family Sunday dinner tradition.

Sunday Dinner at the Cappelleri House is more than just dinner...it is a culinary experience!  The curation of our menu began with my mother-in-law, Betty Cappelleri back in New York.  She lovingly taught me her traditional Italian recipes.  When my family and I moved to Indiana hosting Sunday Dinner was how we made friends!  We then created Cappelleri Sunday Sauce as a way to share our food and traditions with our wonderful community.  The Cappelleri Garden was also created to grow several of the fresh herbs used in our sauces...especially the Pesto!  We thank you all for your endless support during this journey.  It is our mission to give you food made with fresh ingredients, authentic flavors and of course...love!



Betty Cappelleri with her two boys and in-laws enjoying a Sunday dinner.


Taylor Cappelleri leading a new generation of the Cappelleri Family!


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