Sharing Our Tradition

When I first met Dave (my husband) I was invited to

“Sunday Dinner” at his parent’s home in Warwick, NY. After

a warm welcome at the front door, we ventured to the kitchen

where my future mother-in- law, Betty Cappelleri, carefully

prepared all the ingredients for dinner. The captivating aroma

of fresh herbs, garlic, and onion filled the air. As she

chopped and prepped, we sipped wine while music played

softly in the background. This wasn’t just dinner, nor was it

just cooking. This was a culinary experience of food, family,

and love! Once dinner was prepared it was time to “Manga”!

First, pasta and sauce, next meatballs and salad, then fruit!

Let’s not forget the freshly grated parmesan, olives, and



The Cappelleri family has eaten this meal every Sunday

for over 40 years. This tradition is held so close to our

family. Moving here to West Lafayette from New York almost

four years ago was a unique experience for us. We were no

longer close to friends and family. However, this meal and

this tradition of “Sunday Dinner” is how we bonded with our

friends here in Indiana! My goal for participating in your

Farmer’s Market is to extend this tradition to our community,

to make everyone feel like they are a part of the Cappelleri


Betty and Taylor Cappelleri continuing the family Sunday dinner tradition.
Betty Cappelleri with her two boys and in-laws enjoying a Sunday dinner over 40 years ago...

Fan Fare

Tammy Conard-Salvo


“I was fortunate enough to pick up the last Sunday dinner yesterday at the market, and my husband and I were so impressed! We have a 7-week old baby, and cooking from scratch is difficult. Having such high-quality, prepared food is a needed luxury. The meatballs were tender and delicious, and the sauce was excellent! My husband grew up eating his Sicilian grandmother's cooking, so it means something when he agrees that this is excellent Italian food.”

Kelly Haley Sallee


We just had our meatballs and Sunday Sauce for dinner and they were both amazing!! We are a family of four and we even had leftovers!!

Veronica Burpees


“I'm from PA and I finally found a sauce & meatball dish that stacks up against my Italian Nana's! Definitely going back to the farmers market for more.”

Leslie Reed


“We bought 3 Sunday Dinners for different members of our family and everyone loved it! Delicious!”